Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 jobs December 2020

Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 is a vital and efficient division of the State Government. The division is charged with providing services to the citizens of Punjab in times of natural calamities. Punjab Emergency Services consists of twenty-one emergency services and they respond to all kinds of emergencies both domestic and international. All the agencies of the state have their own websites and all the information regarding their services is available there. So if you are looking for an emergency service provider then you can easily find one from the emergency services page of the state government website.


The first emergency service provided by the state is Rescue 1122. It is a 24-hour helpline that is equipped with trained professionals. The state is also capable of providing other important services also. Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 provides help for flood, earthquake, fire, floods, drought, and crisis situations. They also provide assistance during emergencies abroad, where the state is a contributor.


Crisis Centers is another important division of the Punjab Emergency Services. Crisis Centers assist the public in crisis situations by offering medical care, legal aid, legal advice, and other necessary assistance. They also conduct training for people who may be traumatized by the events. Crisis Centers also provide food supplies to families who have been displaced due to the disaster. Crisis Centers can also provide temporary shelters to families who have lost homes. The Emergency Centers can be reached via phone, mobile phones, and the Internet.

Disaster Management is another division of emergency services. The state has its Disaster Management Board which is responsible for all major natural and man-made disasters. They provide information to the public about the approaching calamities. The Board holds daily meetings to evaluate the status of all disaster scenarios. Other important organizations of the state are the Disaster Management Office, Disaster Village, and the Disaster Control Rooms.

Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 jobs December 2020

Punjab Emergency Hospital is another facility that the state provides for its people. The Emergency Hospital services offer many types of specialty services to their patients. Some of the services provided are emergency surgery, an urgent care centre, a hospital on wheels, pharmacy, diagnostic centres, and surgery theatres. These hospitals also provide psychosocial services and emergency management to their patients. Punjab Emergency Hospital has branches in the cities of Kalka, Punjab, Barmer, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad.


Punjab Health Department also has its own Emergency Disease Control units. These units provide services to the rural and remote population in case of an outbreak of any disease. Punjab Health Department also runs a Global Travel and Health Services. The Global Travel and Health Services run programs that train health staff for emergency situations. There are also some community-based programs that train people for disaster management. The State is also providing financial and material support to affected people through its disaster relief fund.


Punjab Relief Services is providing its services to the people. Punjab Relief Services provides mobile medical services like providing ambulances to remote victims. They also conduct house to house check-ups and conduct home visits for those who cannot travel to the hospitals. Punjab Relief Services also provides food supplements to the disaster victims. Punjab Emergency Management is coordinating with international organizations for providing assistance to the people.


Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 has also arranged for the distribution of medicines to the people. The distribution of medicines is done at the Disaster Relief Site, Barmer, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kalka, and Solan. Punjab Emergency Services also provides accommodation facilities to the displaced persons. This will help them to return to their homes.


Punjab Emergency Services has also planned a disaster survival kit for the families of the disaster victims. This kit includes emergency calls, a first aid kit, medications, clothing, blankets, cookery materials, insecticide, and household products. It also includes emergency water packing, personal care items, and hygiene and cleanliness products. The kit also contains emergency disaster preparedness kits.


Punjab Emergency Services plans and organizes community projects under the Skills and Technology Program. Community volunteers from all over the state visit the projects to lend their skills and offer relief to the people. They also help people find alternative sources of income. These projects have helped the disaster victims return to their homes and live their normal life. The projects also taught people how to face emergencies in the future.


Many organizations also exist to provide emergency services. Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 has a website providing detailed information about emergency services. This site offers a list of various companies providing emergency services throughout the state. These companies also offer home settlement programs to settle the outstanding arrears to the borrowers of the property affected by the emergency. Punjab Emergency Services also provides 24-hour help at emergency call numbers.

Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 jobs December 2020
Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 jobs December 2020

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